alarm level changed

Sometimes, you may get flooded with the email alerts like

alarm level changed.

This is an alert sent by plesk as a result of low values set for the Health Monitor.

To resolve the issue, you can download the Health Monitor configuration file in .xml format on your local PC and edit the values as below.

<service name=”Web” monitor=”true”>

<alarm level=”red” threshold=”25″ type=”percent”/>

<alarm level=”yellow” threshold=”20″ type=”percent”/>



and change it as per the limits you want to set.


<service name=”Web” monitor=”true”>

<alarm level=”red” threshold=”60″ type=”percent”/>

<alarm level=”yellow” threshold=”50″ type=”percent”/>


Save it and re-upload it to the server.

Or from command line, you will have to edit the following file.

# /usr/local/psa/var/custom-health-config.xml

Edit the values, save it and check the Health Monitor in plesk, it should be fine now.

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