“cPanel & WHM Update Blocks” error on the main page of WHM when we login to WHM

This issue is caused due to expired cpanel license or the corrupted license file.

It can be resolved by moving /var/cpanel/update_blocks.config and resynchronizing the cPanel license with /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt.

# mv /var/cpanel/update_blocks.config /var/cpanel/update_blocks.config.bk

# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

If its still the same, try to disable the CSF firewall by

# csf -x

and then resynchronizing the cPanel license.

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  1. I’ve been doing web dev for a few years now with my sites being hosted on a shared server.I’m getting a dedicated machine,but a voice in my head is saying “do it yourself.” I’ll have my own server & a possibility of having resellers.

    My educational background is in Sys Admin,so I have a understanding of what’s needed to setup,secure & maintain systems,but I still need some info.

    I’ve come up with a very basic plan of what I think is required:

    1. Get a server + setup software (Debian / Redhat + Antivirus? + Network Security? + PHP / MYSQL etc + Cpanel / WHM)
    2. Find a data center
    3. Find a Teleco to connect the server to the net
    4. Maintain system (security+performance) with patches & software updates

    Although I need to do more research for step 1 & 4,my main concern is 2 & 3.What do I ask the DC & Telco?Do I setup the server offsite,then send it to the DC for them to connect,or do I personally go in & do it myself?When calling the Telco,what info should I have on hand?

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